Upgrade your estate plan with one sweet trust!

In a famous study conduct by Stanford University in the 1950’s, 4 year old children were given a marshmallow and told if they did not eat it for 15 minutes they would receive an additional marshmallow. Only 30% of the children were successful in waiting the 15 minutes. That 30% who successfully delayed their gratification went on to have more successful careers, marriages, and other desirable character traits compared to the 70% who were unable to resist the instant gratification. Thus proving that the ability to wait often translates into greater success down the road.

Castleton Law Firm has applied this principle to estate planning by developing the Marshmallow Trust. Imagine your estate at the time of death equaling one marshmallow. If it was disbursed to heirs over a period of time the remaining corpus may compound and grow to leave possibly two additional marshmallows for a second generation of heirs.

Because heirs of a Marshmallow Trust do not receive a lump sum immediately they will benefit from protections not typically found in traditional living trusts. It will help ensure the inheritance you leave doesn’t end up in unintended hands such as Uncle Sam, divorced spouses, bankruptcy creditors, or long-term care facilities.Get your Marshmallow Trust started today and enjoy the benefits you will discover throughout the process.