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"Castleton Law Firm is as good as it gets! You wont find better people than Aaron and Jeff. They are both honest and trustworthy men and are exceptional at what they do. Their staff are also kind as well and will do whatever it takes to please their clients. I have had nothing but great experiences with this firm. I definitely recommend Castleton Law Firm."

- Daniel

"Jeff has been amazing with answering all my questions and concerns. He is very involved and did a great job with my case."

- Christina

"Jeff and Aaron Castleton are the best and make you feel like family. They truly care about your case. I once was a validated gang member and it was brought up at court, but Jeff showed that I am a loving father, maintain a good job, and proved that my kids are better off with me. I now have 100% sole physical and legal custody, and to me that is priceless. Aaron set up my will and helped me in a very timely manner. He gives the best advice. I recommend this place to anyone . . . The best hands down."

- Anonymous

"Aaron did all the paperwork to turn my company into a corporation. The staff all seemed to be in tune which showed me they are a great team. He was very attentive and listened to every question I had, and every answer given to me completely made myself understand the process. I highly recommend this law firm!"

- Brandon

"Amazing law firm!"

- Linda

"The lawyers here really know what they're doing! I come to them for any legal advice I ever need."

- Kate